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Types Of Easter Trees

 To celebrate the Easter holiday with an Easter Tree is a tradition that originated in Germany, and nowadays it has grown in popularity in the United States and Australia. Making your own Easter tree can get the whole family involved with the holiday. It is simple to decorate your own Easter Tree, whether you want to have it on an indoor potted branch or outside tree. Here are some ideas for you to decorate an outstanding Easter Tree.

  The Original Easter Tree - The Original Easter Tree is a fully assembled, ready to decorate Easter Tree that resembles the biblical olive tree. The Tree comes in a decorative pot with branches that can be shaped. This Tree can be purchased on www.eastertrees.com along with Easter Ornaments, Candles, Decorations and much more.
Traditional German Easter Tree - The traditional German Easter tree is called an Osterbaum. The tree is not merely created from flowering branches collected in a vase, but can be made from living trees and shrubs situated around the house. The vase or planter that the tree is in is usually decorated with wooden eggs set on the top of the soil as well as hung from the branches. The eggs are almost always colorful as the environment in Germany around Easter is usually drab; the tree is meant to add a colorful, spring-like touch to the home.
   Biblical Easter Tree – An Easter Tree that adds true meaning to the holiday. Begin at the start of Lent, using the Original Easter Tree or your own Easter Tree, hang decorated ornament eggs with a Bible verse or each Stations Of The Cross; read the verse or explain the Station Of The Cross that is on the egg out loud to the entire family or have a child read it as you hang it.
  Outdoor Easter Trees – As a colorful addition to a yard to celebrate the season, create a large Easter tree from an existing tree in your front yard. Decorate one that is prominent and easily seen from the street. Using either permanently dyed hollowed-out eggs or plastic eggs, evenly hang a multitude of them on the tree. Garlands can even be made by stringing eggs together and wrapping them around the tree.
   Wall Easter Tree – Creating a wall Easter Tree is a great art project for kids. Cut out a large tree shape that is bare of leaves from a long sheet of brown construction paper and tape it to a wall. Have the kids decorate their own multi-colored eggs from egg shapes already cut out from white construction paper. Tape them randomly around the branches of the cut-out tree. Other seasonal objects, such as religious symbols, such as crosses, can also be cut out and decorated by the kids and taped to the tree.
  Design Your Own Tree – A tabletop Easter Tree decorated with spring flowers not only displays your Easter egg collection but also serves as a charming centerpiece for Easter dinner. Create the Easter Tree by filling a 12-inch flowerpot with florist’s foam. Collect four or five small branches from the yard or purchase branches at a craft and hobby store and place them randomly in the florist foam. Hang your Easter eggs from the branches, and add a layer of straw or Easter grass around the base of the arrangement to disguise the florist’s foam.
   Custom Containers – Create your Easter Tree in other large containers. Pitchers, glass vases and hurricane-style lamps can all serve as vessels to hold your Easter Tree. Alternatively, create a custom base for your tree by covering a coffee can with construction paper or patterned scrapbook paper, and embellishing it with stickers, ribbons, rhinestones and other items. Use river rocks, glass marbles or Easter candies to secure the twigs in the container and keep them upright. You can further embellish your tree by adding a real or faux bird’s nest among the branches or hanging additional small ornaments among the eggs.
  Cone-Shaped Tree – Create an Easter Tree from a cone-shaped foam or florist’s foam base. To begin, cover the cone with sheet moss, available from your local florist or craft and hobby store. Wrap the cone with ribbon or a length of grapevine, and adorn it with real or silk flowers and small decorated Easter eggs. Group several of these trees together as a centerpiece or a side table display.


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